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Overcoming Burnout: Gentle Lifestyle Changes for Energy and Resilience

January 12, 20244 min read

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” - Anne Lamott

You had lofty ambitions and you’ve achieved so much, but lately, you’ve started to wonder if all that effort was really worth it. What’s the point of success if you’re simply too exhausted to enjoy it?

You find yourself working longer hours, tasks are taking longer than they used to. You’re spending less and less time with your loved ones and when you do see them you’re snappy and irritable. Oh, and there’s that nagging feeling that burnout is knocking on your door.

Life throws so much at you, and in the past you may have caught every curveball with grace and determination. These days challenges are feeling more ‘challenging’.

It's okay to admit that the endless hustle is taking its toll. We can all reach a point where the pace becomes unsustainable. When the exhaustion is creeping in and the is joy slipping away.

Breaking the Cycle: A Personal Journey of Overcoming Burnout

Having navigated the demanding world of accountancy, I know firsthand the pressure of deadlines and balancing your family/personal commitments around long hours with little downtime.

I’ve found myself at the brink of burnout on more than one occasion. I felt the strain but by living through those experiences I realised I wasn’t honouring myself, and I eventually walked away from a successful career to start over.

I studied naturopathic nutrition and this led me to the magic of understanding my own needs, and I began blending nutritional support with mindfulness, energy work, and holistic modalities to rediscover what it feels like to thrive.

My own journey has shaped the unique way I now work with other ambitious, driven women. I don’t just share advice, I also help you to understand, and tune in to, your body so that you can sustain and enjoy your success. You don’t need to walk away from everything you worked so hard for (unless you really want to 😉)

Gentle Strategies for Your Unique Journey

The solution doesn’t lie in becoming a superhero with an unending supply of energy; it's in understanding your own limits and finding balance.

Start small. It’s not about drastic changes; it’s about gentle shifts that bring back the lightness and joy.

So, let’s talk about the gentle strategies that have worked wonders for me and many incredible women like yourself:

Micro-Rest Rituals:

Pause. Take a deep breath. In the midst of the hustle, find micro-moments of rest. It could be a quiet cup of tea in the morning or a short walk during lunch. These small pauses add up, replenishing your energy reserves. Even the tiniest of pauses can make a huge difference.

Sleep, Your Sacred Sanctuary:

Sleep is not a luxury but a necessity. Your body heals, and your mind resets during those precious hours. Prioritise sleep like it's the most important meeting of the day. Quality sleep can be your secret weapon against overwhelm.

Purposeful Unplugging:

Our devices are both a blessing and a curse. Designate specific times to unplug. Turn off notifications and create sacred spaces where you can disconnect from the digital world. Your mind will thank you.

The Art of Delegation:

You don't have to do it all yourself. Delegate tasks, whether at work or home. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a strategy for reclaiming time for yourself and focusing on what truly matters.

Micro-Routines for Macro Change:

Rather than attempting a complete overhaul of your daily routine, introduce micro-routines. Start your day with a few minutes of mindfulness and/or end it with a gratitude practice. These small habits build resilience over time.

Your Journey Begins with Gentle Steps

You're not alone and your journey to reclaiming your energy and focus starts with simple, intentional steps.

This isn't about becoming a powerhouse but rediscovering the joy and fulfilment that might feel buried beneath all those to-do lists.

Take these gentle steps, not towards an unattainable goal, but towards a life where you savour the moments, celebrate your success, and put yourself first without hesitation knowing without doubt that you deserve it.

Consider this the gentlest of nudges to prioritise your well-being!

Curious about how I can support you?

My approach is rooted in a blend of nutritional and body wisdom, incorporating relaxation, mindfulness and mindset, self-care, the healing power of nature and acknowledging the miracle of you!

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