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Feel Fabulous At Any Age

Feel Fabulous At Any Age - Part 1: Age is just a number

March 31, 20233 min read

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” - Buddah

The narrative around ageing is often all doom and gloom and fills many people with dread at the thought of looking haggard and the prospect of the inevitable aches, pains and other health issues that come with getting older.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You have the power to change how your own story unfolds.

This starts with changing your perception of ageing. Think about the famous quote above; The mind is everything. What you think you become.

If you believe that getting older will be challenging, unpleasant and full of negative health experiences that’s most likely going to become your reality.

Yes, it’s true our bodies change and don't work the same way they used to, but that doesn't mean we can't feel vibrant and energetic and live joyfully for longer.

Moving through your life with a focus on nourishing and nurturing your body, mind and soul means you can continue to thrive as you get older, and if you’re already feeling older than your years, it isn’t to late to turn things around.

Whilst chronologically you’ll continue to clock up the years it really is possible to turn back the biological hands of time.

Personally, I don't expect getting older to be dreadful because, so far, my experience has been the opposite.

Around the time I turned 30 though, things were a lot different for me. I was in the depths of chronic fatigue syndrome and ME and, at the risk of too much information, I also had raging IBS.

I was teetering on the brink of a breakdown, a full on burnout breakdown.

I wasn’t in a good place and most days I felt completely overwhelmed, exhausted and like I was wading through treacle.

Back then I felt a lot differently about getting older. I was at the lowest point with my health and although I wasn’t old in terms of years, I felt very old and honestly believed it could only get worse.

But eventually I realised I had the power to change things and I started to do everything I could to understand how to heal. I learned what I needed to do to nourish and nurture my body, mind and soul so that I could feel healthy again.

And now as I approach my fiftieth birthday, I’m feeling more vibrantly healthy than I did when I was approaching my 30th birthday.

For me a birthday is something to celebrate. It's like a way-marker as you move through your life and it gives you a kind of a milestone to use to reflect back upon all you've achieved.

Think about where you are in your life right now and whether this is what you actually want for yourself, because it's never too late to change.

I only started out on my vibrantly healthy journey in my 30s and I now spend my days supporting other ambitious women to understand how to do the same for themselves.

So that they don't have to give up on their dreams and hopes and go through life dreading the next birthday and getting older.

So that they can feel more energised, more vibrant and experience more joy and love in their lives whatever their age.

If you’re feeling older than your age right now and you'd like to have a chat about how you can turn that around, please reach out via my contact form HERE.

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