Hydration Hydration Hydration

People often ask “What is the No 1 thing I can do for my health” and whenever I’m asked this I always talk about the importance of drinking plenty of water.

Water is so vital for your life that you could only survive a few days without it. If you don’t top up your water level every day your body won’t able to do everything it needs to do to keep you healthy.

Every single cell in your body needs water so if you don’t get enough it can affect every part of your body. This is why so many different health symptoms can be linked back to lack of water.

How can drinking more water help you feel better?

As mentioned above, dehydration affects every cell in your body. It also affects the fluids produced by your body. This means the viscosity of your blood and the concentration of your stomach acid are affected by lack of water too.

Oh, and did you know that if you don’t drink enough water it can affect your concentration and ability to make decisions? So, if you’re feeling indecisive or struggling to work out a solution to a problem maybe a glass of water could help!

These are just a few of the possible benefits you may experience:

  • less headaches

  • clearer thinking

  • feeling more energised

  • less aches and pains

  • improved blood pressure

  • better moods

  • better digestion

When you start to see all the things that hydration can help with is it any wonder you feel so awful when you’re dehydrated?

Dehydration and stress

Dehydration puts a strain on your system and creates an internal stress.

Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough, stress itself is dehydrating. It becomes a vicious circle!

So, it is important to try to keep your stress levels down.

Stress is a whole subject on its own but for now just hold this thought – a dehydrated body has trillions of stressed cells all crying out for fresh, clean water that just isn’t coming.

Are you really hungry or are you dehydrated?

Your body does try to tell you when it’s dehydrated but often the signal for thirst is mistaken as a sign of being hungry so it’s possible that you may eat when what you really need is water.

Taking a drink of water when you feel a hunger pang and waiting 15 minutes will confirm if your body is truly hungry or just dehydrated.

Stay Hydrated

By the time you notice that you feel thirsty you’re already becoming dehydrated. Aim to stop dehydration in it’s tracks by regularly drinking water throughout the day.

Rehydrating in the morning is incredibly important and hot water is more hydrating than cold water so start the day with a mug of hot water rather than a coffee. Your body will thank you for it.

You’re using and losing water all day long through your breath, perspiration and through peeing and pooping. So, make sure you drink 6 – 8 glasses of water during the day to keep your hydration levels topped up.

Water is the best option, but herbal teas are great too!

Flavour your water

If you find water boring or don’t like the taste, try adding fruit and/or herbs to add flavour. This adds a little extra nutrition too so it’s a win win combination.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • strawberry and mint

  • lemon and lime

  • pomegranate and orange

  • cucumber and mint

  • lemon and ginger

  • orange and thyme

Try crushing the herbs and squeezing the fruit slightly before popping them into your water for a more intense flavour.

Check in with yourself today. Are you staying hydrated?

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