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Hydration Hydration Hydration

People often ask “What is the No 1 thing I can do for my health” and whenever I’m asked this I always talk about the importance of drinking plenty of water.

Water is so vital for your life that you could only survive a few days without it.

Published: 26/06/2024

7 Surprising Sources of Stress

Stress isn't only caused by major life events, work pressure or money worries.

In this blog I uncover some of the numerous sources of stress that you may encounter on a daily basis.

You may find some of these surprising...

Published: 05/04/2024

Spring Self-care for Stress Management

Your thoughts are powerful things that can have a positive or negative impact on both your physical and mental health. They can be a huge source of stress and contribute to low energy, overwhelm, anxiety and many other symptoms. It’s not all bad news though

Published: 28/03/2024

Overcoming Burnout:

Gentle Lifestyle Changes for Energy and Resilience

You had lofty ambitions and you’ve achieved so much, but lately, you’ve started to wonder if all that effort was really worth it.

What’s the point of success if you’re simply too exhausted to enjoy it?

Published: 12/01/2024

The Road to Recovery:

Post-COVID Fatigue and Burnout

The symptoms of post-COVID fatigue and burnout are similar in many ways. Both include fatigue, muscle aches, difficulty concentrating, and emotional problems.

In both cases, it’s also important to prioritise...

Published: 24/11/2023

Self-care is not selfish: Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

As a modern woman you’ve learned how to look like superwoman, juggling multiple responsibilities while gracefully navigating the ever-increasing demands of life. On the surface you appear swan-like, graceful and calm but underneath...

Published: 21/07/2023

5 Simple Ways to

Restore Your Inner Calm

Learn 5 simple ways to restore your inner calm and reduce the impact of stress in your life so that you can create positive change.

Published: 19/05/2023

Feel fabulous at any age – part 2: How to slow down your biological clock

Would you love to look and feel a decade younger? Discover how to reduce oxidative stress, slow down the signs of ageing and feel fabulous at any age by increasing your antioxidant intake.

Published: 12/05/2023

Prioritise sleep for better work-life balance

Three practical tips to help you prioritise sleep for better work-life balance and take the first steps towards making your sleep more restful.

Published: 20/04/2023

Feel Fabulous At Any Age - Part 1: Age is just a number

The narrative around ageing is often all doom and gloom and fills many people with dread, but age is just a number.

You can feel fabulous, enjoy vibrant health and live more joyfully whatever your age.

Published: 31/03/2023

Clare's recommendations transformed my life within one month when I was recovering from burnout and I went on to have my most successful year in business.

I was able to take on a big contract knowing my health wouldn't hold me back. Health is wealth!

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