Vanilla cashew cream

This is a super easy way to make your own cashew cream which is ready in seconds.

Cashew nuts are naturally quite sweet so this cream doesn't need to be sweetened


200g cashew nuts

100ml water

Pinch of vanilla powder / fresh vanilla seeds


A high power blender is best for a lovely smooth cream but any blender will create a cream-like consistency


Place the cashew nuts, vanilla and water into the jug of your blender and blitz until smooth.

The actual time needed will depend on your blender but it really doesn't take long at all.

That's it! Your cashew cream is now ready to pour over strawberries or baked peaches.


To make a thicker cream use more nuts or less water to get the consistency you need and for a thinner pouring cream use less nuts or more water.

Try adding different flavourings or use a superfood powder, such as maca, to enhance the nutrient content.

If you prefer a sweeter cream soak a couple of chopped dates in warm water for an hour (our more) and then strain out the dates and use the sweetened water to make the cream. The dates can then be added to a smoothie. You could of course blend the dates into the cashew cream but they don't always blend down properly so be aware you may have little lumps of date in your finished cream.

Left over cashew cream can be thinned down with more water and used to make overnight oats or blended with raw cacao powder to make chocolate milk!