Raw chocolate

Raw and dairy free this recipe is so rich you won't need more than one or two pieces to satisfy any chocolate craving.

Raw cacao is full of antioxidants which means you are also getting a health boost, what more could you ask for?


50g raw cacao butter*

30g raw cacao powder

10g organic maple syrup

A few drops of vanilla extract - optional


Small saucepan

Wooden spoon

Chocolate mould(s)**


*Raw cacao butter is actually very hard and can take a while to melt if it is in large chunks so it helps to grate it for faster melting. It is also available to buy as buttons to speed up melting too.

**If you don’t have a chocolate mould you can use a shallow baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and either pour all of the chocolate onto it to make a slab of chocolate or drop teaspoons of molten chocolate onto it to make chocolate buttons.

Gently melt the cacao butter in the saucepan over the lowest possible heat.

Once melted add the cacao powder and stir until combined.

Add maple syrup and vanilla extract and stir well to combine. Add these little by little and check the taste so that you can get the sweetness level right.

If you like really bitter dark chocolate, you can always add a little more cacao powder but do check for taste first.

Once you are happy with the flavour it’s time to fill the moulds.

Simply pour the chocolate into the moulds (or onto the baking sheet) and chill until set.

As soon as it is set it’s ready to eat.

Keep refrigerated and if by some miracle the chocolate doesn't all get eaten in a couple of days you can freeze it until you need it.