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Thursday 20th February

10am -1pm


Tuesday 10th March

10am -1pm


Thursday 19th March

10am - 1pm


Thursday 23rd April

10am - 1pm


"All disease

begins in the gut"


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Healthy From The Core Workshop

Do you feel low, or out of sorts, a lot of the time and don’t understand why?

Maybe you have frequently experienced ‘brain fog’, poor concentration and/or memory problems

Or do you struggle to focus on the tasks you need to complete, and everything seems to take longer than it should.

Do you feel stressed, anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed and just want someone to help you see the way forward.

Maybe you know you need to make some changes to the way you nourish your body but it all feels too confusing or overwhelming and you don’t know what to do for the best, so you’re stuck.

Do you want to learn simple strategies that don’t cost the earth, to lay the foundation to improve both your physical and mental health in a sustainable way for the long term?

During this practical and information-packed half day workshop you will discover the link between your gut and your brain.

You’ll learn about the importance of your microbiome and discover easy ways to restore and rebalance it.

You’ll leave feeling empowered and able to make simple changes that will make a big difference to your health.

What you will get from this workshop

  • Find out why you can’t live without the trillions of bacteria that call your body home
  • Discover which foods destroy the healthy eco-system inside of you
  • Learn which foods to eat to feed your good gut bugs
  • Discover the link between your gut flora and the chemical messengers that promote the ‘feel good factor’
  • Understand which foods can help you to feel happier and heathier
  • Tips and techniques to help reduce anxiety and help you feel more focused and energised
  • Simple recipe ideas to nourish your mind and your microbiome
  • Get your questions answers

The workshop will incorporate some interactive breakout sessions so that you can put into practice what you are learning and have a little fun along the way.